This guy...

You will hear my voice through the words on this site but I need to shine the light on Chris for a moment. He is always there...rereading for me, cheering me on, taking the kids on walks and making me food. Yep. He is a catch.

We met at a hair show over a decade ago (not kidding! I'll dig the photos out sometime) and in the next couple of years, we built a strong friendship and partnership. We soon moved across the country together and created a beautiful life full of work we loved, lots of adventures and sweet moments of calm and quiet. When Maeve was born in 2012, it's like I fell in love with a whole new side of Chris. Protective Papa Bear who was all smitten with our little girl. We are blessed that Chris' work allows for parental leave, so we had him with us for a whole 9 months. It was bliss.

When Eli was born in 2014, it was the same opening of a new awareness of love. We were four. We watched Maeve with Eli, our calm and joy was difficult to put into words. Again, we were blessed to have Chris off with us for 9 months and, again, it was bliss.

When Eli was diagnosed with Cri du Chat (CdC) Syndrome at 4 months old, we were both devastated and scared. We rolled with the waves of emotion and, funny enough, had our biggest dips at opposite times so we were able to be there for one another in a really powerful way. But here's the thing about Chris, the thing that made me love him even more in a way that I never knew existed....Chris is a really rational, logical thinker (to put it mildly) and he just got to the place where he was okay more often than not quicker than I did. I stayed stuck in fear at times and, I tell you, he just said some really rational and really WISE things that helped me move past that fear.

After researching Cri du Chat one night, we lay in bed together reviewing the new information and Chris said "You know, kids with this syndrome will be born into this world and I am so thankful that Eli was born to us". Bam. So easy, so true and so full of LOVE that I just lay next to him, feeling nothing BUT that open love. We ARE blessed. We are so thankful both of our kids are in our lives.

Another one that got me was when I was fretting about Eli's future (not living in the moment, to the extreme) and Chris just kind of shrugged and said "I'm just going to love him". Again! BAM! That's all we needed to do...LOVE HIM. So easy. Whatever comes our way, we will just love him. So perfect.

This man, this carrier of kids, snuggler of the non-sleeper and singer to the sleeper, this lover of all things rational, is a gift to our family and I am so thankful we chose to walk this road together.