What about Maeve?

I remember one of the things that I got stuck on after Eli's diagnosis was how it would affect Maeve's life. Of course, I went through the feelings of sadness for her...and guilt...and fear. The usual run of the mill negative feelings that you go through. Of course, these feelings were shown to be incorrect pretty quickly when Maeve just kept on loving him as she always did. Eli is her "baby brudder" (her first sentence was actually spoken at my belly when she said, "baby brudder, come out, play me" Swoon!) and he is who he is. Perfect to her in every way. She wants him in her bed for cuddles in the morning, she fiercely hugs him a hundred times a day, she encourages him ("good job buddy! you sat up by your own!!"), she yanks her toys out of his hands. Just a normal sister-brother relationship. I know that Eli will have an impact in Maeve's life and, instead of it being a negative one, it will mold her into being a more compassionate, loving, understanding human than she ever would have been without him.
These two. Seriously.