Our New Adventure

I have to admit that this new page in my life is an intimidating one. I am putting myself, my writing and my life out there and it's a little unnerving AND...
I am inspired when I see people living and sharing their inspired lives. I know that we are all connected, made of the same stardust that makes up our universe (yes, I am a HUGE Neil deGrasse Tyson fan). I also believe that we each have a beautiful and unique gift that can only shine through when we nurture it and have the courage to share it. I want this blog to be a platform for all that light that we can share.

When my son was diagnosed with Cri du Chat (CdC) or 5p- Syndrome at 4 months, my first go to was Google and, while it gave us information on this extremely rare chromosomal condition that not even Eli's doctors heard of, it was negative, sad and used words that just really broke our hearts. While the information about the condition was necessary to read, it really left out a much bigger, more beautiful picture of what life with Eli was going to be. He is a strong, funny, beautiful soul who has allowed me to be a more compassionate and understanding person. Our lives are normal. We laugh, we have epic after-supper-dance- parties, we go for hikes, we have sleepless nights, we have meltdowns - a typical life with 2 kids under 3.
If my words can be just a small glimmer of happiness, truth and honesty to a family going through a diagnosis, then, gosh darn it, it is SO worth putting my heart on the line.

I look forward to connecting with families who have a member with CdC or any other rare diagnosis or who may be going through a different kind of unique experience and are excited to show the world how beautiful life is. Let's do this together!!! 

Love and light,